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The Goddess's Choice - Jamie Marchant

Thank you to Jamie for giving me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

The Goddess's choice was fantastic! I want this novel to become a film! For me personally it had all of the elements to make a great book; strong and interesting characters, a plot with substance and romance.

The more I read the story the more I enjoyed it, I found my jaw dropping open a lot and screaming at the book "no" or "yes". Jamie Marchant creates a fantasy world we can get lost in, the characters come alive and I found myself imagining them as I read.

I occasionally had to reread chapters or became confused at the chapters when they introduced new characters, but truthfully it added to the chaotic and busy feeling of the battle and time limit in the plot.

I felt truly submerged in to a fantastic world full of mythical creatures and characters.

The novel also tackled several moral issues and had a consistent good vs evil feeling throughout.

The scenes between Robbie and his father touched me as did the scenes between Angus and Donella showing how deeply grief can affect others, but also showing how it is never to late for reconciliation or forgiveness.

As a reader, I truly felt Robbies pain and struggle as he had to let go of all of his hatred and anger, it was fascinating to read and had me on the edge of my street.

It wasn't obvious to me whether he would or wouldn't be able to.

I absolutely loved this book and authors style!

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