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The Girl From Berlin: Stardartenfuhrer's Wife - Ellie Midwood

This was a fantastic novel and has now become one of my top 10 books. Midwood has such a beautiful and mature writing style, it captures you from the start.

I found myself crying, laughing and shouting at the books, I honestly felt like I went through Annalise's journey with her. It's clear that Midwood spent a lot of time researching her setting and creating her characters.

It's one of those books that you just can't put down, every time you say one more chapter you find yourself needing to read another one after. As soon as a I finished reading the book I checked volume two was available. I was completely immersed in this fictional world.

What really struck me though was the strong emotional response this book gave me, even though I didn't always agree with the characters actions I never lost complete empathy for all of them. It takes a very special writer to have such a vast array of characters and make you feel something towards every single one of them. There is a lot of content and moral tales to The Girl From Berlin. It explores the damage war can do, how hate can bond people together and I personally felt like there was a good vs evil theme throughout. At the same time it was also a romance novel that has you on the edge of your seat throughout.

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