• jesswhite3710

Shortest Poem

You may be the shortest poem I ever write. All I want to say is stop, pour that glass down the sink. How long can you stay drunk every night?

You think that red wine is magic, that it keeps your blood pumping through you. That it’s the only reason you feel alive. You’re so sure if you don’t have another sip of whiskey you’ll be missing out.

Can’t you see your missing out on our lives? So many nights we stayed awake wondering why we weren’t enough? Did I do something wrong/? Will we ever be enough?

So many nights we stayed awake Checking the doors were locked That you hadn’t passed out with a lit cigarette in your hand…again.

You say you can’t stop. You hug that whiskey bottle like you’ve never hugged me You borrowed our dinner money for beer and cigarettes. You’ve never lent me fifty pence. What about every memory you’ve missed? Can’t you put the bottle down?

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