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Questions Leftover

Did you feel it coming? Did you whisper any last words? Tell me, did you see Grandma, Grandad and Uncle Bill? Did you see the light at the end of the tunnel or just a dark abyss? Did you know that was your last breath? Tell me, was it peaceful? Tell me, did it hurt?

Did you believe in a God, Reincarnation, Philosophy or Evolution?

And if there is a place where the living cease and the dead congregate then are you watching over us? Or do you spend your days flocking to the parties you now miss? Do you miss us or do you miss the bottle?

A few days later we saw your tax returns on the table, Your leftover curry in the kitchen Did you know that was your last meal? Did you know that would be the last time you blotted any paper with ink?

What would you have said if I hadn’t called one day too late? You slipped away so quietly. I have so many questions leftover.

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