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Put the Bottle Down

Put the Bottle Down

These poems, there never very long. Just a desperate plea. All I ever want to say is stop. Your heart will still beat without that wine. I promise.

That red wine, it really doesn’t pump your blood for you. That red wine, it’s the blood on my thirteen year old wrist wondering why love isn’t even enough. It is the eight years of tears I cried thinking I’m why you drink. Thinking if I’d behaved a little better, been a little quieter, been a little smarter then maybe things would be different. That if I could just be better then just maybe you wouldn’t make love to the whiskey bottle again.

And I know you say it makes you feel alive Makes the world make sense Makes you feel like you have a place in this world What about every milestone you’d ever missed? What about loving me instead? Darling, put the bottle down.

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